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Palmistry and astrological services
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About Palmistry and astrological services:
Awaken yourself and find out your true potential and possibilities by discovering "YOU"

Palmistry and Astrology has always intrigued me since childhood and I am super excited to venture into this field to share my passion with you all.   From the gift I have inherited and the understanding I developed through the research done lately I wish to help you discover your highest potential and purpose in life, understand your weaknesses and work towards them. At the same time I also hope to learn and get inspired by many of you in the process.  

I have been receiving lot of reading requests via emails, messages and WhatsApp and it is getting difficult on my part to keep a track of all of them. So I would humbly request you to follow the procedure described below:  Services Available: 

 1. Palm reading: $20   (The reading covers basic Personality traits, Family upbringing & Values, Education, Inner happiness, Romance & Creativity, Relationship with spouse, Business partners & Extended family, Higher learning, Career, Business, Wealth and Foreign travel) 

 2. Horoscope Reading: $60   A detailed version of Ascendant & the 9 planets in their respective house, Sun sign, Moon sign, Nakshatra, Raj yogas, Education, Early family life, Relationship with siblings & Close friends, Inner happiness, Romance & Creativity, Health, Married life & Business partnership, In-laws family & Joint assets, Foreign travel, Career, Networking and Opportunities in this life for enlightenment. The reading will also cover high level predictions of current Vimshottari dasha)  

3. Consultation of any specific area mentioned above after the Horoscope reading would be an additional $30  

4. Special offer: $75 for both the reading (Palmisty and Horoscope)


Please follow steps below after the purchase:  Once you make the purchase at venom via maushmi21 or (470) 588-6779, please send the confirmation code to with subject line "Astrology Service" or "Palmistry Service".   

Please include the following details in the email:  For Palmistry:  

Clear pictures of the right palm irrespective of gender along with your date of birth.  

For Horoscope:  Full name   Male/Female  Date of birth (month in letters) e.g. (January 1, 1970)   Time of birth  Place of birth (Country, state and City)  Current Place  Phone number  Email Address  You will get a response either via call/email within 3-5 business days or even before with the requested reading.   

Thank you again for all your support and faith in me. I hope to make this page an interesting one by sharing thought provoking articles related to Metaphysical Science, Occult and Spirituality. I look forward to serve you with utmost respect, sincerity and hope to make a difference in your life.

Louisville, KY
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Phone : (470) 588-6779
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