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About Aloha louisville - discover the genius in your child:
ALOHA Mind Math was introduced in the United States in 2006 after its inception in Malaysia in 1993, and is present in over 14 countries. With the help of the abacus, it has created a whole new dimension in the field of teaching Math to young children. ALOHA's whole brain development program has been accredited as “a perfect and solid foundation in Math for young children” by parents and teachers alike. Objectives: 1. Assist the child to overcome the fear of math and numbers. 2. Provide training to perform high speed complex calculations without the aid of a calculator. 3. Cultivate patience and improve focusing skills that has a direct impact on the child’s overall academic achievements. 4. Improve visualization and listening skills. 5. The training overall sharpens the observation skills in a child and sharpens the memory. Visit us on the web at
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